Columbia University Medical Center

ColumbiaDoctors Recognizes Press Ganey Winners

ColumbiaDoctors is presenting awards to the highest-achieving departments in the 2013 Press Ganey program. The following divisions are being recognized for outstanding performance in overall patient satisfaction.

  • Sustained Excellence in Overall Mean Score (three months with the highest score): Medicine/Infectious Disease
  • Most Improved Mean Score (improved 3.8 points to 83.4): Center for Women’s Reproductive Care (1790 Broadway location)
  • Highest Percentile Rank (all reached the 99th percentile for FY13): Surgery/Plastic, Medicine/Infectious Disease, Medicine/Preventive Medicine, Surgery/General, Medicine/Cardiology, Orthopedics/Sports Therapy
Medicine/Infectious Disease division

Medicine/Infectious Disease
From left: Brian Scully, MD; Yvette Bright; Kathleen Donnelly; Eneida Morel; Scott Hammer, MD; Michael Yin, MD; Tim Seibert; Mike Baldelli; Elisabeth Tapley; Mayra Marte-Miraz

Orthopedics/Sports Therapy

Orthopedics/Sports Therapy
From left: Katrina Garvey, Jenna Baynes, Joseph Ciccone, Aaron Landon, Amanda Luna, Jenelle Eng

Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery

From left: Division Chief Robert T. Grant, MD; James Quintana; Evelyn Marizan; Alesandra Avallone; Timicka Davis; Sonia Marmol; Nadine Puerto; Rosa Delgado; Charise Acevedo; Christine Rohde, MD


General Surgery Division

General Surgery
(from left): Zachary Gleit, MD; Patricia Hagemeyer; Nadine Hernandez; Yokasta Garcia, Lussi Rivas (top); Maritza Ramirez; Tanya Suarez; Kara Mitchell