Columbia University Medical Center

Quality Division to Roll Out KEEPSAFE System in January

ColumbiaDoctors has partnered with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to provide access to KEEPSAFE, a web-based safety event management system. The ColumbiaDoctors Quality Division will launch KEEPSAFE for practices on January 6, 2014. All  personnel in the office practice setting will have the ability to enter safety event information into the program.

The goal of KEEPSAFE is to create a safe environment for our patients. We encourage staff to enter information on “near misses,” “good catches,” and “safety events,” even if no injury occurs.

  • A good catch is a safety event that almost occurred but was actively prevented from reaching the involved patient, employee, or visitor and caused no harm.
  • A near miss is an unplanned event that by chance did not result in injury, illness, or fatality but has the potential to do so in the future if left unaddressed.
  • A safety event is an unplanned event that reached the patient, or visitor, which may or may not have resulted in injury, illness, or fatality (e.g., medication omission, unwitnessed falls).

Capturing near misses and good catches will provide ColumbiaDoctors with an opportunity to identify safety issues before they result in harm. Capturing safety events will provide ColumbiaDoctors with the opportunity to take action and to implement processes aimed at preventing recurrence.  Links to the program will be located on the vertical toolbar in CROWN and on the ColumbiaDoctors’ intranet website in the Quality & Safety section.

A short overview on how to report an event is available on the NYP Learning Exchange at  Log on to the Learning Exchange, enter KEEPSAFE in the search window and select, “KEEPSAFE: Reports.”