Columbia University Medical Center

Anne Taylor: Q&A on Faculty Development and Diversity

anntaylorEven though most medical school classes include women and men in equal numbers, women still lag behind in terms of advancement in academic medicine.

“Somewhere between medical school and the highest levels of leadership in academic medicine we lose women,” says Anne L. Taylor, MD, vice dean for academic affairs at P&S and the John Lindenbaum Professor of Medicine at CUMC. “We have some inkling of the reasons, but they’re not the same as they were 20 or 25 years ago. Back then there were explicit prejudicial policies. Those explicit policies have gone away, but we have still failed to fully recognize the cumulative unintended barriers faced by women in developing careers in academic medicine.”

In an interview conducted by the Columbia University Record, Dr. Taylor discussed the challenges for women in academic medicine today, her personal experiences, and the creation of the Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society for Women Faculty at P&S.

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