Columbia University Medical Center

We Heart International Patients

HIllustration of a heart-shaped life preserver.Changes with two payers have resulted in the coverage of more foreign nationals for care with ColumbiaDoctors.

Aetna will now cover Kuwaiti nationals who obtain services at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and ColumbiaDoctors through their Aetna Passport product.  The Aetna Passport rates are similar to the previously existing out of network International Services rates, and are not the Aetna master agreement rates.

Providers who are out of network with Aetna will need single case agreements in order to provide services to these members.  

ColumbiaDoctors has also executed an amendment to our agreement with the Canadian Medical Network (CMN) in conjunction with NewYork-Presbyterian’s execution of a deal with CMN. This amendment covers foreign nationals under CMN via International Services, specifically for residents of Bermuda and Barbados.

This amendment means that ColumbiaDoctors increased international business from Bermudian and Barbadian nationals. “International business is very desirable — and anything that increases international patient volume is great news for us,” said Aren Laljie, chief financial officer of ColumbiaDoctors.