Columbia University Medical Center

EmblemHealth Update

As a result of ongoing significant accounts receivable, contracting, and operational issues with EmblemHealth, ColumbiaDoctors initiated a hold on new provider enrollments to encourage Emblem to work with the faculty practice on a resolution plan.

At a high-level meeting in late July, Emblem committed to working with ColumbiaDoctors to resolve the A/R and operational issue; to promptly return with a rate proposal to add the GHI line of business to our existing HIP contract; and to renew the HIP contract with current terms and increased rates. None of the promised actions have subsequently occurred.

ColumbiaDoctors subsequently filed a grievance with the Department of Financial Services regarding the outstanding A/R issues. EmblemHealth has filed a response with the state and has been working on resolutions, however, little real progress has been made.

Emblem has advised ColumbiaDoctors that they plan to make an offer on HIP and GHI rates in the near future.