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ColumbiaDoctors Executive Health Offers Genetic Testing

DNAThe ColumbiaDoctors Executive Health Program: Personalized and Precision Medicine is designed to provide comprehensive health assessments and recommendations to individuals who want to maximize their well-being and longevity.  In collaboration with the Columbia Precision Medical Initiative and David Goldstein, PhD, and his team at the Institute of Genomic Medicine, the program now provides formal genetic counseling and a scientifically advanced analysis of a person’s genome as an extra service.  

Nicholas Fiebach, MD, a co-director of the Executive Health program, said that patients receive focused, personal attention from top-tier providers, and the program is “not designed to be an assembly line of quick interactions and whole body scans.”  

The executive health program also enables patients with identified health concerns or medical problems to connect to the range of expert care providers at ColumbiaDoctors. The comprehensive health assessment is based on a set of core services including a detailed personal and family medical history, complete physical examination, laboratory tests, cardiovascular stress testing and ultrasound imaging, and hearing and pulmonary tests.  

Also provided are consultations with a cardiologist, sports medicine and ergonomics expert and a nutritionist.  Additional same-day services, such as dermatology, ophthalmology and women’s health examinations are easily arranged.

The program is intended to be a highly personalized in-depth interaction with physicians. Dr. Fiebach said the program “emphasizes traditional aspects of healthy lifestyles such as physical activity and nutrition, which are cornerstones of longevity and health. That is then supplemented with state-of-the-art laboratory, cardiovascular, and other testing.”

There was a soft launch earlier this year, and the program has already seen half a dozen patients. Among this small group, a number of previously overlooked health problems have been identified and addressed.

Although it is called an executive health program, it is available to all individuals who are interested. The core package is available for a single out of pocket fee of $5,000.

Dr. Fiebach is an internist and professor of medicine at CUMC. His areas of expertise include primary care and preventive medicine. He is also an editor of the popular textbook Principles of Ambulatory Medicine.

Benjamin Lewis, MD, is a cardiologist and professor of medicine at CUMC, and co-director of the Executive Health Program. He is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lewis’ areas of expertise include prevention and management of coronary artery disease, the impact of gender on heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, and lifestyle, exercise, and cholesterol management.

Christopher J. Visco, MD, a physiatrist and associate professor of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine at CUMC, is sports medicine fellowship director and offers a physical activity and exercise assessment. He specializes in sports and musculoskeletal medicine, applications of diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound, preventive and regenerative musculoskeletal care, and medical education. Dr. Visco is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as sports medicine.

Carla Wolper, PhD, is a registered dietician and offers her nutritionist expertise and assessments to patients. Dr. Wolper has developed nutrition and weight loss programs and counseled overweight and obese adults in studies of weight loss, weight maintenance, dietary strategies, weight loss medications, behavioral therapies, metabolic changes with weight loss, body composition changes and diabetes prevention.

H. Joan Davies is the nurse coordinator of the Executive Health Program and an experienced clinician. Joan has more than 20 years of nursing and office management experience. She has considerable expertise in patient care management and leading teams in clinical settings. She has worked in areas such as orthopedics, allergy, asthma, immunology, and clinical trials.