Columbia University Medical Center

ColumbiaDoctors Partners with Medscape

ColumbiaDoctors has announced a partnership with Medscape, which allows our faculty to share clinical expertise with physicians who use the online medical resource and its mobile app-based tool, Medscape Consult.

More than 25 health professionals from ColumbiaDoctors serve as Medscape chief editors and associate editors on Medscape Consult, a peer-to-peer, point-of-care digital platform accessible to physicians worldwide. Our participating providers represent a range of specialties, including oncology, hematology, endocrinology, and surgery. These specialists will respond to questions, share best practices, and offer expert viewpoints providing evidence- and practice-based insights into patient care that also closely align with their basic and clinical research.

“Our new partnership with Medscape enables ColumbiaDoctors to share their knowledge and perspective with a global physician community facing rapidly shifting clinical concerns,” said John Chabot, MD, chief of the Division of GI/Endocrine Surgery and vice president of ColumbiaDoctors.

Medscape Consult was launched in November 2015 within Medscape’s flagship mobile app. Physicians use this crowdsourcing platform to compare cases, ask questions, and discuss best practices.

A recent example of the rapid-response potential of this tool: Several weeks before the Zika virus had garnered attention from international health agencies and the mainstream media, a physician in Brazil seeing a spike in infants born with microcephaly posed a question on Medscape Consult seeking insights. A discussion on the link between Zika virus infection during pregnancy and microcephaly immediately ensued, providing early clinical knowledge on what would become a worldwide health issue.

“We welcome the opportunity to expand our ColumbiaDoctors connections with physicians as they increase their reliance on digital sources of information,” said Gary Schwartz, MD, chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology. “Through our partnership, ColumbiaDoctors will harness the power of Medscape Consult to help physicians better address today’s complex patient care questions.”