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CROWN Team Unveils EHR Enhancements

ColumbiaDoctors IT optimization specialist Kris Bhambhani

ColumbiaDoctors IT optimization specialist Kris Bhambhani

The CROWN and Quality teams are working on a series of initiatives to optimize workflows, provide advanced training for users, piloting a live CROWN helpline, and more. According to Kris Bhambhani, health IT optimization specialist, enhancements to our electronic health record capabilities are moving at a rapid pace.

CROWN Optimization

Does your department or division need help improving its CROWN workflow? Then call our CROWN optimization team. They can help users increase EHR utilization, boost efficiency, improve faculty and staff satisfaction, and enhance overall practice workflows. The team will work with users for a six-to-eight-week cycle, in which they observe current-state workflows, recommend future workflows, and configure CROWN to best suit users’ needs, followed by testing, and go-live.

Led by Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI, ColumbiaDoctors chief medical informatics officer, the team also includes:

  • Kris Bhambhani,  health IT optimization specialist, who oversees the execution of the project
  • Jennifer Beirne, senior practice administrator, with experience in operations
  • Jennifer Picciotto-Quezada, NYP programmer, dedicated to CROWN optimization
  • Rachel Goldstein, talent development clinical instructor, dedicated to CROWN optimization

For more information, contact Kris Bhambhani:

EHR Training Specialist Program

To advance their CROWN skills to the next level, users can try the new EHR training specialist program. During five days spread over the course of the month, physicians, clinical managers, administrative managers, and practice managers can train on advanced CROWN workflows. “We want to build a team of advanced users who can help make decisions that will affect their department or division,” said Bhambhani. Training will allow users to stay current on features, policies, and workflows, support new functionality, help onboard new users and serve as a resource for colleagues. Training of the first cohort began in October. The next opportunity to participate begins in January. Contact Kris Bhambhani at for more information.

Live CROWN Help Pilot

The CROWN service desk is piloting live help for clinicians using CROWN.  For immediate assistance, users can call the helpdesk at 212-746-4357; callers will be prompted to press 6 for live help. In an initial pilot, which ran from Sept. 19 through Oct. 21, the average time to resolve an issue was just 11 minutes–dramatically faster than the 2.3 hours it typically takes for an incident opened by the service desk to get resolved.

How to Submit a CROWN Optimization Request

Users may send an email to with “CROWN Optimization Request” within the subject line.  Requests should be vetted by physician champions and practice managers, and include screen shots for clarity. Users also may call 212-746-4357 to put in a request with a service desk agent.

CROWN Learning Center

All CROWN users can find the resources they need at our comprehensive learning center. It includes job aids, information on how to request new user access, assistance with requesting training, and much more.