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Access, Quality Divisions Launch 2017 Onboarding and Offboarding Process

Teri GIllette

Teri Gillette, chief quality officer, ColumbiaDoctors.

ColumbiaDoctors Access and Quality Divisions are working in collaboration with departments to streamline the process of onboarding and offboarding faculty during the annual “season” in 2017. “We are working each year to make the new fiscal year’s process simpler,” said Teri Gillette, chief quality officer of ColumbiaDoctors.

In collaboration with Access Division staff, the process this year will draw upon a single source of data for multiple applications to reduce the volume of requests and to automate content uploads as much as possible.

Departments will be asked to provide a list of their known incoming providers to establish CROWN access and to credential and enroll providers in commercial payer plans.  In addition, these lists will be used to develop faculty profiles, as well as a guest list for the annual Faculty Welcome event, slated for October.

Departments will receive a formal request from the Quality Division in the next couple of weeks, asking for an outline of new and departing providers.

For departing providers, termination dates should be provided, along with each provider’s departure date or last date of service, which is critical  “in order to ensure a safe transition of care. This requires completing their unsigned notes, verifying tasks and re-assigning their tasks prior to their departure date,” Gillette said.

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