Columbia University Medical Center

Quality Division Debuts E-Referral Pilot With Direct ID Addresses in CROWN

stylized Columbia crownThe Quality Division is piloting a small-scale electronic referral program using direct ID technology in CROWN.

“The pilot, currently being deployed with Tenafly Pediatrics, a practice-member of the Columbia Affiliated Physicians (CAP IPA) and NYPMG Hudson Valley, allows providers to use a direct ID address to send referrals and summary of care documents to us through CROWN,” said Naomi Cigan, project manager for the pilot.

The project is intended to help improve care coordination, reduce referral leakage, strengthen relationships with our CAP IPA members, and meet requirements for MU/MIPs credit, she said.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Referring provider sends electronic referral and summary of care document from external EHR.
  2. Health Information Management Division matches the patient to his or her CROWN record and a task is sent to the appropriate call center.
  3. The call center schedules the appointment with a specialist.
  4. Following the appointment, the summary of care is sent back to the referring provider to close the referral loop.
  5. The Quality Division has established metrics that will be used to measure our response to referral requests, including turn-around-times from referral to appointment to sending the summary of care back to the referring provider.

The Quality Division welcomes other opportunities from departments to expand this initiative, Cigan said.

For information, contact Naomi Cigan at