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ColumbiaDoctors Collaborates With NYP To Facilitate Rollouts Of New Features

ColumbiaDoctors is working with the information technology (IT) department at NewYork-Presbyterian to improve communication between NYP IT and our own certified IT groups (CITGs), to better facilitate new feature rollouts and troubleshoot incidents with clinical applications.

Tim Crimmins

Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI, chief medical informatics officer, ColumbiaDoctors.

“Since February, health IT optimization specialist Kris Bhambhani and I have been meeting monthly with NYP IT, in order to improve communication and ensure that providers and staff have the best setup to access CROWN both at the hospital and remotely,” said ColumbiaDoctors chief medical informatics officer Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI.

To ensure a consistent experience for clinicians, regardless of where or how they are accessing a system, ColumbiaDoctors IT and our NYP counterparts are now developing standards and best practices for configuring and deploying endpoints. This will include a best practice guide to accessing clinical applications from a CU computer and all devices from an outside network, as well an updated, authoritative source for minimum desktop requirements.

Your feedback is needed for this process, Bhambhani said. “If they have not been surveyed already, your department’s CITG will soon be hearing from the faculty practice IT team about knowledge and/or information gaps. If there’s information you think we need, please share it,” she added.

One important new development: NYP soon will update the ITA Citrix portal to the new StoreFront platform. This new site improves the user experience by providing modern app store features to simplify access to CROWN and other clinical applications. Users will now be able to select their favorite apps and create their own custom view. The tentative go-live date for the new platform will be in the third quarter of 2017. In the meantime, go to for a technical preview.

The CITG leadership team has appointed Jonathan Resino, director of IT for the Department of Surgery, to help facilitate this collaboration. In this role, Resino will work to facilitate the following objectives:

  • Lead fellow members of the working group in collaborating with NYP to create processes to stay up-to-date about current technical issues, current projects, and future projects that impact both NYP and CUMC IT communities and our users; brief the CITGs at the monthly group meeting as appropriate.
  • Work with NYP IT to scope technical and workflow solutions to ongoing joint issues; collaborate on project plans for current and future CUMC initiatives; work with NYP to quantify user impacts and develop remediation and synchronized communication plan for each of our respective user communities.