Columbia University Medical Center

Finance Reports Progress On UAE Late Payments For FY 2017

Overdue Rubber StampOver the past year, ColumbiaDoctors has been experiencing extensive delays in payments of international claims from the embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Recently, ColumbiaDoctors president George A. “Jack” Cioffi, MD, and stakeholders at NewYork-Presbyterian sent a strongly worded letter to the embassy, demanding immediate payment. The faculty practice temporarily considered not accepting additional international referrals from UAE while international claims were significantly in arrears.

In late June and July, the faculty practice received a “significant percentage of claims owed,” with a promise for additional funds to be delivered within weeks, according to Tom Chacko, chief revenue cycle officer for the faculty practice.

Based on this change, the recommendation from the ColumbiaDoctors Finance Committee is to re-engage and hold off on suspension of services once in receipt of this good-faith down payment. The board is anticipating a follow-up report on payment activities at its next meeting in late September.

Tom Chacko said the Clinical Revenue Office (CRO) “will continue to press and monitor the issue closely.”