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Bulletin 1: What’s New on Epic, 1/26/2018

Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI

Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI, chief medical information officer, ColumbiaDoctors

What’s New on Epic, 1/26/2018
With CMIO Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI


As we near the end of January, it’s an exciting time at Columbia as we exit the theoretical stage of the Epic migration project and now enter a phase where the real, practical work begins. As we move forward, we’ll provide regular news updates right here on our Epic website under “News.” Please check back here regularly.

Here’s what’s new today:

  • An update on the Epic migration project timeline that outlines more specifically the next six months of work.
  • Charters for our Subject Matter Experts for the Epic implementation.
  • A list of our Subject Matter Experts.

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Thanks for everything you do.


Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI
Chief Medical Information Officer, ColumbiaDoctors