Columbia University Medical Center

New Hypertension Center Offers Multidisciplinary Expertise

Columbia University Irving Medical Center has launched the first truly multidisciplinary Center of Excellence for treating hypertension in the New York metropolitan area. Co-directed by Ian M. Kronish, MD, assistant professor of medicine, and Daichi Shimbo, MD, associate professor of medicine, the Hypertension Center at Columbia Irving University Medical Center offers a team of clinicians providing specialty consultations for patients with difficult to manage hypertension.

“Columbia has a long history of hypertension research, under the leadership of the late Thomas Pickering, MD, an internationally renowned hypertension expert who helped coin the terms  “white-coat” and “masked” hypertension, and brought to the forefront knowledge about the importance of good in-office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement,” said Dr. Kronish. “He maintained a hypertension clinic within the Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health, but after he passed away in 2009, that center did not continue. There wasn’t any place where patients could get the same level of management—until now. Our goal is to carry on Dr. Pickering’s mission of providing state-of-the-art testing and treatment for people with hypertension.”

The Center’s services include:

  • Diagnosis of white-coat hypertension and nocturnal hypertension
  • Treatment of uncontrolled and resistant hypertension
  • Diagnosis and treatment of secondary hypertension
  • Diagnosis and treatment of labile blood pressure and orthostatic hypotension

In addition to cardiologists, the multidisciplinary team includes nephrologists, endocrinologists, psychologists, and nutritionists. “We offer comprehensive care for patients with multiple diagnoses that affect management of their hypertension, such as kidney disease and diabetes,” Dr. Kronish said. “Our patients also have access to the best in diagnostic testing, including multiple modalities of ambulatory monitoring.”

The center accepts internal referrals from Columbia clinicians and external referrals. “Many cardiologists have expertise in hypertension, and we don’t want to take over their patients’ care, but rather to support other specialists,” says Dr. Kronish. “We are here to provide in-depth evaluations, consultations, and treatment plans.”

Most of the center’s patients will not remain under the center’s care indefinitely, although if a patient does not have another doctor managing their care, “one of our team might take them on as a long-term patient,” Dr. Kronish said.

To make the patient experience as convenient as possible, center services are available both at CUIMC’s main campus on 168th Street, as well as the ColumbiaDoctors Midtown location on West 51st Street. Appointments at either location can be scheduled by calling 212-342-1273.