Columbia University Medical Center

FPO Space & Facilities Committee Report: Strategic Changes to Help at HIP

Image of Dr. John Chabot

ColumbiaDoctors vice president John Chabot, MD, FACS.

The ColumbiaDoctors Space and Facilities Committee has begun reviewing practice location and utilization strategy in order to promote the efficient utilization of our premier space: the Herbert Irving Pavilion (HIP).

“Those HIP practices with the least-efficient utilization will be the focus of our first initiatives,” said committee chair John A. Chabot, MD, FACS, vice president of the faculty practice and chief of the division of GI/endocrine surgery, in a presentation to the Board of Governance meeting in June. “We are also exploring alternative locations for back-office functions, such as administrative and academic offices, and the consolidation and sharing of conference rooms.”

The committee’s mission, Dr. Chabot said, is to review and approve space improvement projects on campus, as well as reviewing off-campus practice expansion, rationalizing on-campus moves and space utilization, and setting policy to guide tactical decision-making.

The committee includes providers from dermatology, medicine, neurology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, radiology, psychiatry, surgery, urology, as well as department administrators from medicine, neurology, otolaryngology, pediatrics, and radiation oncology.

There are several ways to measure utilization of physician practice office space, Dr. Chabot noted. These include:

  • How rooms are allocated for use
  • Room assignments and arrived visits–either based on utilization of all space for all sessions, or on productivity of physicians/department only for rooms and sessions actually used

The committee has also conducted more than $3 million in refurbishment projects between FY 2014 and FY 2018, Dr. Chabot reported.

“Refurbishment funding is available to improve and renovate ‘common’ patient-facing areas, such as elevator lobbies, reception desks, and waiting areas,” he said.