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Epic Project Managers Armed With Information Via a New EpicTogether Project Playbook

Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI

Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI, chief medical information officer, ColumbiaDoctors

Key facts and news about the EpicTogether project are being conveyed in many ways, and Columbia project managers responsible for oversight at the department level have a new tool at their disposal — the EpicTogether Project Manager Playbook.

The handbook, which launched in June and is updated monthly, was created at the request of departmental project managers (PMs). “Our project stakeholders specifically asked for a guide or handbook, so this was generated as a result, and we use it to convey all of the important updates each month,” said Timothy J. Crimmins, MD, RPVI, ColumbiaDoctors chief medical information officer. “This ensures that our project management group is armed with the right content, so they can convey it to those people within their departments.”

Dr. Crimmins said that the handbook is intended to serve as a supplement to the website, and summarizes key communications that have been disseminated in other forms.

ColumbiaDoctors chief operating officer.

Roe Long, chief operating officer, ColumbiaDoctors

According to Roe Long, chief operating officer for the faculty practice, the content is closely reviewed each month by herself, Dr. Crimmins, and Columbia project managers Naomi Cigan and Tina Sarantos. “All updates to the guide are reviewed at our monthly project meetings and any changes are highlighted in coordination with our managers, so they are well-armed to understand project priorities, changes, and news,” she said.

The PM group consists of more than 30 participants, and includes those who were designated as responsible for the Epic project by their departments, such as administrators and managers from across the medical center. “Larger departments like the Department of Medicine might have more than one person, and we also do offer supplemental meetings to divisions that roll up under those departments,” Long said.

The handbook is available via a secure drive and shared with the project managers on a monthly basis. All updates to the guide are reviewed at monthly project meetings and any changes are highlighted in coordination with managers.

For questions related to the project managers group or the handbook, contact Tina Sarantos at