CUMC Broadcast Email Policy

The Office of Communications distributes important messages to a campus-wide audience via the university email system.

With few exceptions, broadcast emails are about operations, facilities, safety, administrative or academic policy changes, and announcements from the dean. We strictly limit the number sent, prioritizing those that are of critical importance or campus-wide significance.

Persons or departments interested in sending a broadcast email should first consider defining their audience more specifically. In many cases, a department’s internal events lists are more appropriate than a broadcast email that is distributed to approximately 17, 500 people across CUMC

Authorization for a broadcast email is obtained by filing a request on the CUMC Broadcast Email Request website at Emails must be submitted at least four, but no more than 10, business days prior to the requested send date. The Office of Communications manages time of distribution to avoid multiple broadcast emails within any given time period.

Guidelines for Broadcast Emails 

  • They must pertain to CUMC faculty/staff/students.
  • The sender (“from” line in the email) must be a real address on the CUMC Exchange server.
  • Events should be promoted through the online CUMC Events Calendar, rather than through broadcast emails.
  • Announcements of appointments are limited to deans, chairs, center/institute directors, and central administration senior leadership. These announcements should be issued by the dean only if the person is his/her direct report. Otherwise, the direct supervisor should issue the email.
  • Announcements are edited for clarity, style, and appropriateness.